SME Assistance

Have you got a Cashflow Forecast?

Why you should have a cashflow forecast
1. Avoid running out of cash and going bust!
2. Prepare for large cash out goings eg. VAT, rent, wages
3. Sets a target for sales
4. Avoids over trading
5. Helps grow the business faster in a controlled and sustainable way
6. Helps plan the cash gaps
7. Helps with budgeting and controls spending
8. Answers “What if . . .” questions – “what if I lease a van?”
9. Avoid putting more of your savings into the business
10. Helps get more external funds (Banks, Family, friends)
11. Gives a greater understanding of the business
12. Reduces sweat and worry – Peace of mind!”

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.” Marcus Lemonis

If you haven’t got a Cashflow forecast and you want some help setting one up please get in touch. Call/what’s app 0759 0673704 or FB message