SME Assistance

Should you turn business down?

11 Reasons why you might consider it. It was 10 but I thought of another!

  1. The potential customer doesn’t align to your values
    Don’t compromise on your values – it’ll end in tears
    Just say No Thank you! Or price yourself out the market but don’t just ignore them
  2. Potential customers credit rating is less than zero.
    Unless you get cleared funds up front – don’t do it! Why risk your business for there’s ?
  3. You are too busy / Their deadline is too soon
    Their rush job is now your rush job!
    These are the worst types of customers. Sub contract? Charge more? Unless your supremely confident in completing it on time back away.
  4. It will detract from your current customers
    A bird in the hand and all that
    Could you quote a longer delivery date to give yourself chance?
  5. You could only do an inferior service of deliver an inferior product
    Reduce the specification of the job/product 
  6. Can’t afford to do business with them 
    would you have to buy materials or stock before they paid you?
    Ask them to pay a deposit
  7. Not profitable – did you under quote?
    Go back to the customer and explain you’ll have to requote – chances are you got the job because you were the cheapest in the first place
  8. Too far from your main product /service
    Is it really something you don’t want to get involved with? Is it worth it? 
    If not pass them onto someone else – you’ll make two people happy who may pass business to you in the future
  9. Out of your geographic area
    Again, pass it onto someone else as above
  10. They want the product/ service out of your normal operating hours
    Could you charge more for this service?
  11. Your premises are too small 
    Could you rent larger premises just on a short-term basis – an empty warehouse or office?