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Business Owners Club

Being the boss, running your own business, can be a lonely place – I know from personal experience, so this Club is to share wins, challenges, learn something new, get some energy and enthusiasm and most importantly get held to account for actions you want to take in the following week.  

We meet on Friday mornings at 9 am. The meetings last no longer than 1 1/2 hours and follows a set format 
1. Quick introductions
2. Review the 3 actions/tasks/goals you committed to achieving in the past week
3. What challenges have you faced
4. What good stuff has happened this past week
5. Members commit to up to 3 actions that they want to achieve in the next week. 

I facilitate the meetings and keep discussions as short and sharp as possible, my hand is hovering over the mute button! If there is time and it seems appropriate I run through a topical business strategy.

After the meeting I send a follow up email with a list of members commitments for the following week plus any learnings, links to webs sites and useful tools relevant to the discussions we’ve had. 

It is not a pitching/selling opportunity but if cross member trading happens afterwards that’s great! 

There won’t be anymore than more than 10 other businesses on the call to keep it crisp and sharp.

Joining instructions are sent closer to the time. 

Just come along with 3 actions/tasks/goals you want to achieve before the meeting. Make sure they are SMART goals – that is . . .
S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – relevant
T – Times based (you’ll have a week)

What’s the cost? Join now and there is no cost!

How do you join? Please get in touch – or call 0759 0673704. Let’s have a chat so I can learn more about your business and where you are with it. I can also talk you through the Business Owners Club and how it can help you move you and your business forward.

I look forward to talking to you!