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Failing to plan is planning to fail

Benjamin Franklin

Why have a business plan?

Would you set out in your car without knowing what route you are going to take to get to your destination? Even using SatNav is making a plan how to get there.

Would you build a house without a plan? What would it look like if you didn’t?

Having a business plan is the most effective and efficient way of building a successful business.

1. Gives you clarity, focus and direction
2. Gives your staff clarity, direction and involvement in the business
3. Sets personal and business goals
4. Creates steps required to achieve the goals
5. Stops time wasting
6. Stops procrastination
7. Improves profits
8. Reduces stress!
9. Frees up time
10. Creates a great business

There are two types of business plans and they are very different in purpose and content:

  • Funding Business Plans
  • Internal Business Plans

It’s obvious why you need a Funding Business Plan – it’s probably the requirement of the lender or investor, however the Internal Business Plan is considered by many business owners as optional!

What you get with an SME Assistance Business Plan

Funding Business Plan

In order to convince a lender this plan needs to be a robust and comprehensive outline of the business from when/how it started, right through to where it’s going, plus, of course, how much funding is required and how the funding is going to be repaid. It includes a marketing plan, cash flow forecast, management profit and loss accounts and a balance sheet. 

This plan has more emphasis on what the funding is specifically for, how it is going to be used, how it is going to grow, improve the business and of course how repayment is going to be made.

Internal Business Plan

This starts with an in depth, forensic look at the business to discover where improvements can be made. This list is then prioritised depending on the needs of the business. Each strategy for improvement is then split down into individual steps required to complete the strategy and placed on a 90 day plan.

It may include a marketing plan, cash flow forecast, management profit and loss accounts, a balance sheet and KPIs if they are not already present in the business.

How it works

Initially send over any current plans, marketing material, cash flow forecasts, P&L and of course your web address. Once I have had chance to review this we will arrange for an initial session via Zoom or in person if you are based in Dorset. I will need to know everything about your business apart from what products or services you provide and of course what you personal goals and ambitions are for yourself and your business.

I will also need to know if you are seeking funding or looking for a plan to grow and improve your business.

After that conversation we can decide if further support would be beneficial.

If we go ahead we can start to formulate a plan. I will come back to you with a draft plan for further discussion before presenting your final plan. Remember it’s your plan – I will help, steer, guide, advise and be your critical friend during the whole process.

This plan come with 1 months Silver Level on going business support after which time you can chose to continue with the support for as long as you want.

For more details click here On Going Business Support

Your investment

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Less than £1,000,000£ Call
£1,000,000 plus£ Call
Easy payment terms – spread the cost over 4 months

Next step

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