SME Assistance

Financial Reporting

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.

Marcus Lemonis

Why you should know your numbers

1. Spot trends in your business
2. Make better decisions not guess work
3. Make achievable plans
4. See what’s working in your business
5. See what’s soaking cash up
6. Keep better control of expenses
7. Better ROIs
8. Reduces sweat and worry
9. Keeps you focused
10. Grow your business faster!

What Gets measured get managed

Peter Drucker

What I can assist with

Management Profit and Loss Accounts

More businesses fail through not knowing their numbers than any other reason and yet it is so simple to keep track, but it can seem daunting to the numerically challenged.

Most good accounts packages provide good reporting systems but nothing is as good as your own spread sheet which allows you to do “what if” questions. The better the information you have the better the decisions you can make with less guessing and hoping.

More than just a bunch of numbers on a screen, this is one step beyond! An individually designed, crafted and easy to follow spread sheet for your business.

Comes prepared with opening balances and includes training on how to keep it up to date and understand the numbers !



Financial Modelling

These can be quite complex spread sheets that help you make decisions – it could be buying a new piece of machines, moving warehouse, investment in marketing or even buying a hotel.


Cash Flow Forecasts

A specific cash flow forecast for your business. Allowing you to play with “what if scenarios”.

What if I take on another person?
What if I buy a new machine?
What if I buy a new van?

Comes prepared with current expenditure and forecast income. Includes full training on how to keep it up to date and understand the numbers.

Cash Book

An amazing spread sheet for you to keep track of your bank account and plan your payments. Never go over your banking limit again!
Comes prepared with current payments and forecast income.  
Includes full training on how to keep it up to date.

Debtor System

Supplying goods or services on credit? Got some slow payers? This tailored credit control system will reel those slow payers in, takes them right up to a 7 day legal letter
Includes full training on how to keep it up to date.

KPI Dashboard

How do you measure the temperature in your business, is it running hot and getting hotter, is it cold and getting colder? 

Get some individually crafted KPIs for your business and keep an easy track on how your business is performing. We make sure they are meaningful and easy to procure.
Includes full training on how to keep it up to date.

How it Works

Initial we’ll have a conversation via Zoom or in person if you are in Dorset . I will need to know everything about your business. In addition to the products or services you provide, we may need to have copies of bank statements and other financial information from your system. All information will be held confidentially. After that conversation we can decide if further support from SME Assistance would be of benefit to your business

This plan come with 1 months Silver Level on going business support after which time you can chose to continue with the support for as long as you want.

For more details click here On Going Business Support

The Investment?