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Marketing Plans v2

Failing to plan is planning to fail



If you are not making plans to grow your business it will flat line and if it’s flat lining then the next step could be decline.

And if you haven’t got a marketing plan with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place then you could be wasting your money and not getting the best Return on Investment (ROI).



Why have a Marketing Plan?

1. Gives you clarity, focus and direction
2. Gives your staff clarity, direction and involvement in the business
3. Reduced Lead Acquisition Cost
3. Reduced Client Acquisition Cost
4. More bang for your bucks
5. Improves profits
8. Reduces stress!
9. Frees up time
10. Creates a great business

Our marketing plan isn’t just a spread sheet with dates and campaigns. You will get business winning strategies and advice on how to best approach your potential customers and get the best out of your current customers.

We start with an in depth review of all current marketing and marketing material including the web site, out going emails, leaflets, brochures, etc.

The Marketing Plan will include:

Sales Flow Chart

Is your sales process a bit hit and miss? Maybe more miss than hit? How many touch points have you got? Are you wasting sales leads with a broken system?

A Sales Flow Chart will help you get the best opportunities with a potential customer and take the guess work out of the process.

Improving Sales Leads

Are you using the “Spray and Pray” marketing strategy? Does this mean you are getting inappropriate sales enquiries? 

Let’s get scientific and laser focused on your target customer. This will lead to a reduced Lead Acquisition Cost.

Improving Conversion Rate

Do you cross your fingers and hope for the best when you send out a proposal or quotation and hope it’s your lucky day?

Let’s improve your luck to 99% certainty with some clever strategies that will appeal to your potential customer and reduce Customer Acquisition Cost.

Increasing Average Spend

Is that it? Is that all they are going to spend?

You’ve got the customer on the hook. They are ready to buy. Whilst they are there, what else can we sell them? Lets work on some special offers and different packages for them to buy

Improve Number of Transactions


How many times a week, a month, a year can your customers by from you? Can we get them to come back and buy more often? Perhaps we could get them to encourage a friend or colleague to be a customer

Improve Margin

Would it make a difference if you could improve your gross margin by 1%, 2% or maybe even 5%. Yes it can be done with the right strategies in place, and of course some encouragement.

How it Works

We need to know everything about your business, apart from what products or services you provide and how much capacity (time and money) you have available.

So, initially we will ask you to send over any current plans, marketing material and of course your web address. Once we have had chance to review this we will arrange for an initial session via Zoom or in person if you are based in Dorset. We need to know everything about your business apart from what products or services you provide and of course what you personal goals and ambitions are for yourself and your business.

From this we can start to formulate a plan with you. We will come back to you with a draft plan for further discussion before presenting your final plan. Remember it’s your plan – we will help, steer, guide, advise and be your critical friend during the whole process.

This plan come with 1 months Silver Level on going business support after which time you can chose to continue with the support for as long as you want.

For more details click here On Going Business Support

The Investment

Less than £100,000£ Call
Less than £500,000£ Call
Less than £1,000,000£ Call
£1,000,000 plus£ Call