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Recommended books

“Books are what you step on to take you to a higher shelf. The higher your stack of books, the higher the shelf you can reach. Want to reach higher? Stack some more books under your feet! Reading is what brings us to new knowledge. It opens new doors. It helps us understand mysteries. It lets us hear from successful people. Reading is what takes us down the road in our journey. Everything you need for a better future and success has already been written.”


Book 1 for all budding entrepreneurs! 

If you run a team this is a great book to read, it’s quite readable. 

I loved this book – so inspirational!


A champion book! Great concepts and easy to read


This book is quite old but still very, very relevant to day. I often give this to clients especially if they think they have staff problems 

A fantastic book much recommended

One from the master – again written quite a while ago but still very much relevant today

A very popular timeless book!

These are the basic books that any business library should contain – it you want more help or have a book to recommend to me please get in touch