SME Assistance

Fixed Price Plans

Yes, fixed price plans! You know exactly how much you are in for before you start

no matter how long it takes.

PLUS you get

* Guaranteed results

* Easy payment terms


So, what’s stopping you? Let’s get going moving your business forward

Silver Bullet

Why would you need this?

This package is most popular with business owners who have been running their businesses for a few years now, had some wins and made some mistakes but just got a bit stuck working in the business and want to make life easier for themselves and make more profits. Selling their business is also a consideration and the need to prepare the business to get the best value
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Business Plans

Not sure where to go next (or you do know, but you just want to get there faster)? We start with the long term plan and work backwards through to weekly tasks to achieve those long term goals. This gives you clarity, focus and reduces procrastination.
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Marketing Plans

Are you getting the most bang for your buck? Let’s start by finding out if you are and plan how you can get more revenue from your investment in marketing.
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Start Up Plans

I love startups! Got a great idea but not sure where and how to start? Speed up and improve your chances of success with a Startup Plan.
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Systems Plan

Is your business in chaos unable to cope with the demands from customers? Turn your business into a process driven one – enquiries in – work out, build a sustainable, scalable business with a systems plan.
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Financial Reporting and Financial Modelling

Do you know your numbers? Not knowing is the biggest reason for business failure. Get to grips with cash flow, bank accounts, profit and loss, balance sheet and KPIs. We’ll work on setting them up, train you on using them and help you to understand them fully.
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Your Team

Is your team pulling it’s weight? Are you getting a return on the wages you pay? Obtaining the right results doesn’t mean being a slave driver cracking the whip. A few simple and quick steps can start to make a difference. 
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On Going Business Support

Why would you need on going business support?

  1. Gives you clarity and focus
  2. Keeps you held to account to get things done
  3. Brain storming with a trusted adviser
  4. Helps you identify and evaluate opportunities
  5. Get a holistic /helicopter view of your business
  6. Get new, fresh ideas and strategies
  7. Talk to a non judgemental, critical friend
  8. Someone to get you excited about your business again
  9. Share your wins and tribulations
  10. Reduces procrastination and time wasting
  11. Improves profits
  12. Creates a great business

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