SME Assistance

Silver Bullet 4 Session Program

Why would you need this?
This package is most popular with business owners who have been running their businesses for a few years now, had some wins and made some mistakes but just got a bit stuck working in the business and want to make life easier for themselves and make more profits. Selling their business is also a consideration and the need to prepare the business to get the best value.

What you get . . . . .

A Questionnaire
This will ask you questions about your business you’ve probably not been asked before or thought about asking yourself but it will give me a good understanding of your business. At this stage no detailed financial information is required.

Session 1
A zoom or face to face meeting for us to go through the questionnaire. It’s quiet an intense session with more questions. Most clients find this session gives them great focus and clarity with their business. 

We will also cover the goals for yourself and your business business. 

From this session I will write a report and it email it over. It will cover

  • my understanding of the business
  • areas of the business that need working on
  • how these improvements can be done 
    It will include any spread sheets layouts, processes and policy documents in outline and also anything else we think can help you to change your business for even more success.

I always tell clients not to be overwhelmed with this report. It can be a long list!

Session 2 
We go through the report point by point. Together we work out the priorities based on how much time you have available and how fast you want to work. From this conversation I will draft a 90 day plan for you to complete the details.

Session 3
Trimming the sails – adjusting the plan. It’s also about accountability! Have you done what you said you would do?! 

Session 4
Review – What progress? Have we achieved what we set out to do? – What else needs to be done? After this you have the option of having another block of 4 sessions at a reduced rate. 

Sessions are scheduled to fit in with the your work load and dairy. In between times I’m available by email and messaging to critique the work you have done or answer any queries/challenges that have arisen – normally this is with a few hours . 

This is not a one size fits all program – every business is different and has different goals and challenges – it’s a program that’s flexible enough to cope with most businesses.

Less than £500,000£ Call
Less than £1,000,000£ Call
£1,000,000 plus£ Call
Easy payment terms – spread the cost over 4 months