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The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing

Walt Disney

I love startups! I’ve done a few and to have some help if the early stages really really does make a difference – it’s quicker to get going and quicker to get into profit oh and a lot less stressful.

Why have a Start Up Plan

1. Gives you clarity, focus and direction for your new business
2. Gets you up and running fat and making money faster
3. Sets personal and business goals
4. Creates steps required to achieve the goals
5. Stops time wasting
6. Stops procrastination
7. Improves profits
8. Reduces stress!
9. Frees up time
10. Creates a great business

How I help startups

Send over your business plan (if you have one), along with any marketing materials and your website address so we can have a meaningful conversation. We can work our way through all info and between us decided if further assistance would help to move your new business forward.

If we move forward together we’ll come up with a strategic plan. This will cover

Marketing Plan – There are many different “routes to market” some more suitable for products than services and visa versa. We will select the most effective routes for your marketing. From there we can work on a sales flow chart mapping out all the touch points with your potential customers/ clients.

The aim is for you to get the best quality leads, the best conversion rate with the most amount of revenue for the smallest investment.

Business Plan – We do two sorts of business plans depending on your circumstances. One is aimed at raising funds and the other is much more about getting to the nuts and bolts of the business – what happens when you get that order? This may include finding suppliers, the practical aspect of full filling orders or supplying a service.

The object is to make the orders flow through the business as quickly and easily as possible.

A fund raising Business Plan is a much more formal document that incorporates the marketing plan. It also includes the back ground to the business and the main people involved, the products and/or services, an operational plan and of course the financials. This will include how much needs to be raised, why, how and when it’s going to be repaid.

Financials – setting up the basics like cash flow forecasts, P+Ls, KPIs. I will also show/train you on how to do this on a regular basis yourself so that you understand the importance of them in the business.

Keeping good financial records and understanding them is the heart of any business and the aim is to make sure that this is 100% the case in your business.

Overall, there is no way I want to dampen your enthusiasm for your business but we will sense check, brainstorm, guide and at times encourage – the critical friend!

Your Start Up plan will include one months Silver on going support and you can choose to continue with that support for as long as you want.

Call now if you want to dramatically improve your chances of success and speed up to that moment when you open your door to customers!

Next step

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