SME Assistance


People run the systems and the systems run the business.

Michael Gerber

Why systemise your business?

1. Improve profits
2. Discover and solve bottle necks in your business
3. Delegate with confidence
5. Quicker to bring new members of staff on line
6. Ensure the business doesn’t stop when key team members are on holiday or ill
7. Leverage your time and get more done
8. Grow your business with reduced stress and strain
9. Reduce the chances of loosing customers and getting bad reviews
10. Increase the value of your business if you are considering selling

There will always be exceptions that can’t be systemised but the more you can the more you will benefit.

How it works

We start with an initial conversation on Zoom or face to face depending on your location. I need to know everything about your business apart from what products or services you provide. Once I have a full understanding of how work flows through the business we can then discuss if support from SME Assistance would help improve your business.

If we move a head then we’ll start with a Work flow Chart.

Work Flow Chart

A great visual aid that helps all members of staff and new members to easily understand the work flow through the business

From that initial conversation we help you create a Work Flow Chart, this will probably take several revisions. During this process it becomes clear where process can be improved/streamlined so the work flow path can be smoothed out cutting processing times and even improving customer service.

Documentation – writing how to manuals

Each processing point in the workflow chart needs documenting. Quite often the best person to write this is the person who undertakes the task! It will be step by step instructions and can include computer screen shots. It should be so easy to use and understand that any another member of staff can take that process over.

Nothing stays the same for ever so during these processes you or a member of you staff will be fully trained to keep the flow chart and documentation up to date.

Is it Working?

You need to know if the processes are being adhered to and if improvements are being made. This can be done by putting in place KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

We can help you build a simple and effective range of KPIs and put them into a dash board.

What we do

I will help manage the process of systemising your business from nose to tail. There will be strategies to improve the processing until you are satisfied your business has all the systemisation in place to take it forward to more growth and profitability.

This plan come with 1 months Silver Level on going business support after which time you can chose to continue with the support for as long as you want.

For more details click here On Going Business Support

The Investment?

Less than £500,000£ Call
Less than £1,000,000£ Call
£1,000,000 plus£ Call
Easy payment terms – spread the cost over 4 months

Next step

Call now for an initial free chat or if you prefer email with details about your business.
Mobile 07590 673704