SME Assistance

About Simon

I’m Simon Rigby, the principal of SME Assistance.

There are two things you’ll work out from my white hair;

1. I’ve have been in business for many years
2. I’ve had some scary moments in business

Over the years I have been involved with, started up, managed many different types of businesses; manufacturing catering equipment, distributing gifts and jewellery, running a small chain of launderettes and on-line distribution of roasted coffee.

My foremost business was a mail order/ e-commerce business selling office stationery throughout the UK to businesses and consumers.

This business was a start-up that I grew to £1M turnover with 8 members of staff, fulfilling 2,000 orders per week.

During this time I steered the business through 3 recessions. Interest rates increased to nearly 20%. 2 competitors bought their way into the market, I saw the birth of email and the beginning of e-commerce.

So, I have some experience of turbulent and changing times.

Since successfully selling that company, I have been focused on working with business owners in a variety of markets: electronics, retail, e-commerce, engineering, publishing, education, signage as a business coach.

The point is I have a lot of practical experience of businesses. I see and feel the pain business owners go through especially when I know a few simple changes in their businesses will make a massive difference to their stress and profits.

My driver is to help SME business owners to avoid the pot holes in moving their businesses forward – it’s often simple and quick.

I don’t claim to be a master of everything and I work with some very carefully chosen colleagues who are experts in their fields who I am happy to put clients in touch with directly.

Please call me for a chat and see if we can help you. It costs nothing to talk and you will probably end up with a few strategies to implement straight away in your business.

Call me on 07590 673704