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Without engaged staff, 34% of your wage bill is wasted. It’s a fact.

Research prepared for the United Kingdom government found that companies with a highly engaged workforce experience a 19.2 percent growth in operating income over a 12-month period. Conversely, disengaged workers can cost an organisation. McLean & Company found that a disengaged employee costs an organisation approximately £3,400 for every £10,000 in annual salary.

Why have more engaged staff?

1. Reduce staff turnover
2. Improve your work life
3. Less stress
4. Improve profits
5. Improve customers relationships
6. Improve supplier engagement
7. Reduced sick days and accidents
8. Better company communications
9. More innovation and growth
10. Less wasted/unproductive time

Yet it’s quick and easy to start getting your staff engaged.

How it works

We’ll need to know everything about your business, how it is run and at what the level of staff engagement is currently at.

Depending on the results of this conversation will depend on the level of assistance required, it may mean arranging a 360Degree survey, conducting staff appraisals, or training the managements on improving working practices

This plan come with 1 months Silver Level on going business support after which time you can chose to continue with the support for as long as you want.

For more details click here On Going Business Support

The Investment

Less than £500,000£ Call
Less than £1,000,000£ Call
£1,000,000 plus£ Call
Easy payment terms – spread the cost over 4 months

Next step

Call now for an initial free chat or if you prefer email with details about your business.
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