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Client testimonials

“We worked with Simon for a few months at the end of 2019 and he provided us with very valuable advice for our small business. He went through a few initial sessions of talking through our business needs and we covered a number of topics including marketing, stock control and finances. He really helped us understand the importance of forecasting, using a profit and loss spreadsheet and cash flow, giving us better control over our business. Simon is a very nice, switched on person who listens and tailors his advice to the individual business and its needs, rather than applying a blanket ‘one size fits all’ formula that other business coaches do. We really liked the personalised approach Simon takes and how relaxed, yet professional he is. Simon goes way above and beyond and we would recommend him to any small business that needs a bit of a helping hand.”

“Working with Simon Rigby from SME Assistance as a Business Coach has been a revelation for me. Simon has such vast and varied experience around all areas of running a business. He has enabled me to think and plan pro-actively, has supported me in developing a firmer grasp on my metrics and helped me formulate in my mind, my business priorities going forward. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Simon for any business owner looking for some support”.